Cameras and Camcoders for Sale in Hood River, OR

This is a real nice Canon FL 135mm 1:3.5 Prime Lens w new Gemko UV filter, screw on lens & butt cap 8+! The lens barrel has no brassing and the glass is clean, clear and fungus free! I had some 48mm filters (UV & Polarizer) & a screw on lens cap by Gemco lying around, so I'm including them! This lens came with a nice FT ql camera kit. This would make both a nice close- up portrait lens as well ...
TOYO Optics (Japan) 1:8.0 f=500mm Mirror Lens w Pentax M42/Yashica Mt & Canon FD adapter. So this This lens is rarely used condition. There are some bag marks on the lens barrel but no brassing. The tripod mt. has no wear. The glass is clean and clear. I know nothing about TOYO lenses but it very sturdily built!
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